Winter League

The Winter League runs from September to March (weather permitting!) and consists of teams of 6 players, with separate leagues for men and women. Each pair plays 3 matches against every opposing pair, and matches consist of 2 full sets with a draw at 1 set all.

There is also a mixed doubles league, with teams consisting of 2 mixed pairs, with each pair playing 2 mixed doubles. Each event consists of 2 tie break sets, If the event is tied at one set each, a 10 point "Match Tie-Break" will be played.

Little is known today of the history of the Winter League, although records do go back to 1976 when the winners of both Men's and Ladies' Division 1 were Bassett A. Back then, all of the results and tables were calculated manually in meticulously maintained notebooks, whilst during the 1970's and 80's, it appears that the press coverage awarded to local tennis by the Daily Echo was plentiful.

If anyone does have any further information, please do contact us.